How to Determine the GVW in a Ford Truck

by Abraham Hovey

A truck's GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) determines the total hauling capacity when fully loaded with passengers, cargo and fuel. GVW takes your truck's curb weight (its weight minus cargo and passengers) and adds to it the maximum weight load your truck can handle. For example, if your truck has a 4,000-lbs. curb weight and can carry 2,200 lbs. of cargo, its GVW is 6,200. There are several places to find GVW on your Ford truck, depending on the year and model.

Open the driver's side door and look for a sticker on the inside panel, above or below the door latch. This sticker has the make, model and year of your truck, along with GVW.

Open the hood and look for a sticker near the radiator. This sticker has information about the engine and system fluids, but sometimes show the truck's GVW.

Open your owner's manual and look up "GVW" in the index. This page will have all the information you need on your truck's GVW if there was no sticker in the door.

About the Author

Abraham Hovey is a poet and songwriter living in Madison, Wis. He has been a working musician since 1997 and holds a bachelor's degree in history from Western Michigan University.