Decorating Ideas for Classic Car Shows

by Rosallee Scott

You already have some of the best decorating ideas for classic car shows right in your own home or garage. To get the attendees to come to your area, however, you need to get their attention before all of the other booths and distractions do. Put your own personal spin on the theme of the day---and you're sure to be one of the more popular attractions.


Paint Schemes Can Make or Break a Custom Ride

Choosing the right colors is one of the first steps in how to decorate for a Classic Car Show. If you are part of car club, choose hues that represent that. If not, just simply go with your gut on what will complement the items you are showcasing and/or selling. If you can add graphics that fit in with your surroundings, such as flames, do so for an extra visual advantage over your competitors. Coordinate any material, such as table covers, to create a cohesive look.

Original Decorations

Customize Your Enthusiasm

The best decorating ideas for classic car shows are ones that show off why you are such an enthusiast in the first place. If you have not done so already, choose a name that represents why you are there. This can be a twist on what you call your hot rod, the name of any club or even your own personal given name. Have a custom sign made up to hang in a prominent area of your space. One ideal option, if the name you choose is less than seven letters, is to have someone customize a sign in the shape and appearance of an old license plate.

Classy Garage Decor

Put up Pinups That Fit the Era

If what you are showcasing or selling has a certain era to it, classy pinups from that decade will get a lot of attendees attentions. Reprints are not hard to find of old calendars or even automotive advertisements that feature beauties of yesteryear. Since many of these events are family friendly, keeping your artwork the same way is important when figuring out how to decorate for a classic car show.

Alternative Decor

Showcase Your Whole Collection

Alternative decorative options include showcasing any personal collection that you may have at home. For example, miniature models, license plates, signs or vintage magazines can all be displayed to get everyone's interest at checking out your space. Be careful to put "Not for Sale" if you do not want to spend the whole day with people trying to bargain you for your collection. Though, since people will love these personal decorating ideas for classic car shows, you may still have to deal with a few of theme trying to convince you that everything has a price.

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