D4 Caterpillar Bulldozer Specifications

by LeRoy Demarest
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Caterpillar's D4 dozer is a small-sized earth mover compared to Caterpillar's other earth movers. Bulldozers, also know as track-style tractors, are used for both grading areas and moving incredible amounts of dirt and material. This makes them useful pieces of equipment in new construction and clearing projects, as well as on the farm. There are two basic sizes of the D4 -- the XL and the LGP.

Engine Specifications

The D4 engine is Cat's C4.4 ACERT diesel. This engine is capable of 92 horsepower (gross) and has a displacement of 269 cubic inches.

Fluid Capacities

Unlike its giant brother the D11, the D4's capacity is quite small. For example, the D4 holds 51 gallons of diesel compared to 425 gallons in the D11. The D4 takes 2.91 gallons of oil and 5.92 gallons of coolant. It requires only 15.7 gallons of hydraulic fluid, while the D11 takes 58.9 gallons for the tank only.

Weight and Dimensions

The D4 XL has a standard weight, including blade, operator and full tank of fuel, of 17,961 pounds (give or take the operator's size), while the LGP has a weight of 18,742 pounds. Without the blade, the width of the XL dozer is 79.1 inches, the length is 128.9 inches and the height is 108.8 inches tall. The LGP is a bit larger at 92.9 inches wide, but is the same length and height as the XL.

Attachements and Equipment

Besides the standard blade, which is good for grading and leveling, there is also a forestry blade which has an extra guard at the top of the blade to protect the cab. The D4 also has an available parallelogram ripper for plowing the soil and a hydrostatic for puling material out or the D4 itself. It also comes with a laser for accurate grading and a GPS for accurate driving.

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