How to Cut Wheel Studs

by C.L. Rease

Wheel studs keep your wheels secured to your vehicle. When installing new wheels, the existing wheel studs may extend too far beyond the front face of the wheel hub. This causes the end of the studs to hit the inside of a lug nut before the lug nut tightens against the wheel. Cutting the wheel studs will shorten the stud length and allow the lug nuts to secure your new wheels to the rotors of your vehicle.

Set the wheel on the wheel studs. Screw a lug nut onto one wheel stud until it bottoms out on the stud.

Measure the distance between the front of the wheel hub and the bottom of the lug nut with a tape measure.

Remove the lug nut from the wheel stud. Pull the wheel off the vehicle. Measure in from the end of the wheel stud with the tape measure. Mark the distance measured between the wheel hub and the lug nut with a permanent marker.

Thread a hex nut onto the marked wheel stud. Turn the hex nut clockwise until the nut passes the mark left by the permanent marker.

Secure a .040 cutting wheel to an angle grinder.

Align the cutting wheel with the mark on the stud. Adjust the grinder to sit perpendicular to the stud. Cut straight through the wheel stud.

Turn the hex nut counterclockwise until you reach the burr left at the end of the wheel stud. Turn the nut past the burr with an adjustable wrench.


  • close Wear eye protection to prevent injuries while cutting with the angle grinder.

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