How to Get Customized Car Hood Ornaments

by Suzanne Akerman
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Hood ornaments are also known as "mascots" in the UK. Just as a mascot does, the metal piece on the front of your car's hood holds a symbolic meaning, representing speed, agility, endurance or any number of other qualities. Car manufacturers design their own ornaments to be sold with their vehicles of course, but once you have your car, there is no reason you have to use their symbol. Several companies specialize in creating hood ornament customized to represent you and whatever qualities you want your car to champion.

How to Get Custom Car Hood Ornaments

Step 1

Browse the internet, attend car shows and come to a decision about what object you want to adorn the front of your vehicle. This is important because a custom hood ornament can be quite an investment, and you don't want to design and mount a skier and then realize you're actually much more of a snowboarding fan the next year. Mascots Unlimited is a Rhode Island-based company that has made a name for itself as the premier manufacture of custom hood ornaments in the United States.

Step 2

Sketch your design. It is important that you visualize what you hope your ornament will look like. If possible, scan this image, or an image similar to it. For instance, if you would like your ornament to be a miniature replica of your dog, use a digital photo of him that is very clear.

Email your chosen manufacturer or website. Generally you will not be able to make the order online, as the company will need to speak with you regarding the exact specifications of your vehicle and your design. The dealer you choose to work with will need a copy of the drawing you made or or some sort of image to work with, so email this to them after the phone consultation.


  • Before designing your own ornament, first peruse what's available from hood ornament companies. Buying an ornament that the manufacturer already makes can cost as little at $350, a great deal compared to $2200! There are hundreds of pre-made hood ornaments available from these manufacturers, so one that suits your needs may already exist. These items are still well-made and have more personality than the hood ornaments that the car manufacturers use, so you won't be sacrificing much style for the savings.


  • Follow the instructions for removing your old hood ornament and installing the new one very carefully. You do not want to damage either the hood or the specialty piece you paid for because of impatience during the process!

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