Crown Victoria Bumper Replacement Instructions

by Lauren Treadwell

Ford Crown Victorias are the standard police cruiser model and are also a popular consumer car. Replacing a Crown Victoria bumper requires a new bumper, a few simple tools and the hardware to install the new component. The replacement process is simple when performed with two people so that one person can hold the heavy bumper while the other removes or installs the necessary hardware.

Replacing the Front Bumper

Begin with the Crown Victoria's front bumper. Remove the side marker lamps and parking lamps. Next, remove the two screws and washers at the upper outboard end on the front bumper cover, located near the center of the car, followed by the two screws and washers at the outboard vertical surface. You will see six retaining screws near the wheel opening connecting the front bumper cover and the front fender. Remove these screws, and then remove the two lower screws on the same surface. Finally, remove the four screws and washers connecting the front bumper cover to the radiator, located near the bottom center of the Crown Victoria's front end. Keep all of these screws identified for easy reinstallation, as they are of different lengths and sizes. After removing the license plate mount, push up on the bumper cover before pulling it forward. This will release the clips holding the bumper cover and prevent the front grill from cracking during the removal process. To remove the rest of the bumper, unscrew the four nuts that mount the bumper and carefully remove the remaining pieces. To install a new bumper, first mount and secure the new part. Then, install the new license plate mount and make sure it is not obscured by the new bumper cover. Follow the removal steps in reverse to mount and install the cover.

Replacing the Rear Bumper

Begin by removing the six retaining screws that secure the bumper cover. They are located near the wheel opening flange in the center of the vehicle. Six pushpins and four rivets hold the bumper cover in place and must be removed. From the Crown Victoria's trunk, you will see 12 nuts that affix the bumper to the chassis. Remove them, and then remove the six nuts that connect the rear bumper to its bracket. Lift and pull the rear bumper away from the Crown Victoria. When replacing the bumper, follow the steps in reverse. Fasten all nuts and bolts by hand before tightening them with a wrench.

Bumper Cover Tweaks

While the standard Crown Victoria bumper cover will protect the bumper, these pieces can be tweaked for greater performance or aesthetic appeal. Look for a cover that is made of lightweight carbon fiber that will not add weight to the car. These types of bumper covers are stronger than traditional polyethylene or PVC ones that can snap easily. Select a cover that is designed to fit your model year Crown Victoria. For aesthetics, you can paint the carbon fiber bumper cover to add flair. Decals are also easy to apply.

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