How to Create an Invoice to Sell Your Car

by Jamie Lisse

If you are selling your car on your own, the buyer will need proof of the sale for when he gets the car registered. Typically a bill of sale is used when people sell a car on their own; however, an invoice can be used instead of or in addition to this bill of sale. Much of the same information is included on each document. You can quickly and easily create an invoice on your own.


Create a new document in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Office or Open Office. Type in “Vehicle Invoice” at the top of the page.


Make a section at the top of the page for the seller's details as well as the date of the sale. Be sure to leave enough room to input the actual details once you sell the car.


Enter in the details that pertain to the car. Include the make, model, year, VIN, odometer reading, and whether the vehicle is used or new. Leave a space for the sales price to the right of these details.


Include a section for payment details if you are allowing the purchase to be financed on a payment plan. Detail any down payment amount accepted, when payments are due, the amount of payments and the number of payments.


Add, in a disclaimer toward the bottom, that the car is being sold as-is. If you are including any type of warranty you need to mention that instead.


Leave spaces at the bottom for the buyer and seller both to sign and date the invoice when the sale is completed. This can be accomplished by making several long lines across the page.

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