The Cost to Have Brake Calipers Replaced

by Kyle Fiechter

The cost to replace the brake calipers on your vehicle depends on the type of car you own, the number of calipers you are replacing and the repair shop you go to.

Cost of Parts

The cost of parts of a common, domestic car such as a 2005 Ford Taurus will be less expensive than the cost of a newer luxury foreign car such as a 2011 BMW 750Li. In December 2010, according to RepairPal, one caliper for a common car ranges from $76 to $176, while a caliper for a newer luxury car costs between $83 and $295.

Cost of Labor

Labor costs for a more common car ranges from $90 to $115, and labor costs of a more expensive, rare car ranges from $168 to $215. You can save this repair cost by doing it yourself.

Total Cost

The total cost of parts and labor for replacing one caliper on a more common car is around $166 to $291, while the total cost of replacing a caliper on a less common (more expensive) car is around $251 to $510.

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