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How to Stop a Ceramic Brake Squeal

by Alibaster Smith

The squealing of ceramic brakes is common among many vehicles. The reason ceramic brakes squeal is that the back of the brake pad vibrates against the caliper assembly. This vibration causes the squealing. The squealing is normally the result of not using a brake lining shim, or not putting enough anti-squeal lubricant on the back of the brake pad where the pad touches the caliper. The lubricant needed to stop the squealing is normally available from most auto parts stores.


Loosen the lug nuts on the wheels you are working on by turning them 1/4-turn counterclockwise.


Jack up your vehicle using the jack points on the front or rear of your vehicle (depending on which brakes you are working on). Place jack stands under the pinch welds located along the side rail of your vehicle and lower the vehicle onto the stands.


Finish removing the lug nuts and pull the wheel off the wheel hub assembly.


Loosen the bottom-most bolt on the backside of the brake caliper. This is the caliper's pin bolt.


Slide the caliper up and away from the brake rotor.


Apply some anti-squeal to the backside of the brake pads. Only apply the lubricant to the back of the brake pad on the steel backing where the backing makes contact with the caliper housing.


Slide the caliper back down and tighten the pin bolt.


Re-mount the wheel, tighten the lug nuts and lower the vehicle to the ground.

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