How to Get a Copy of the Window Sticker for an Audi

by Matthew Caines

Audi window stickers will vary depending on who or what company distributed them: an Audi members' club sticker for example will be very different to one given by your local Audi dealer. If you know where the sticker came from, then requesting a copy should be fairly straightforward -- if you don’t know, then there are plenty of decal sellers that might just have what you are looking for.

Step 1

Contact your local Audi dealer if the sticker was already in the car when bought. Some dealers add these decals to car windows as advertising and the telling signs of a dealer's sticker are those with an Audi logo (four interconnected rings) and the name and address of the showroom. Your dealer should have a copy of the sticker and -- if not -- should have some information on where to find one.

Step 2

Speak with your Audi members' club if the sticker was provided by them. Most car owner associations give free window decals when you sign up along with some other freebies. Obvious signs of a members' club sticker are the club's logo, address, name and contact information. Enquire with them about buying a copy of the sticker or browse the club's merchandise store and purchase a new decal.

Step 3

Ask the previous owner about the sticker if the Audi was resold. They may have purchased the car form an out-of-state dealership or bought the decal themselves.

Visit an online store if you still cannot find the Audi's window sticker. Decals without the obvious Audi logo or brand name might not be involved with the company at all. Use the search function of an online window sticker website and type in any of the obvious image features or words (e.g. "blue flame decal"). Click the "Search" or "Go" button and browse the list of results. See Resources for links to window sticker sellers.

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