How to Get a Copy of a Key for a Dodge Caravan

by Kurt Schanaman
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You can have Dodge Caravan keys duplicated easily if your van is of an older year, but the new anti-theft keys have an embedded microchip in the plastic head of the keys that complete an electronic circuit in the ignition when inserted. These keys require a special set of actions in order to get a duplicate or a replacement.

Step 1

Visually inspect your ignition key and note whether it has a thick plastic head or a thin metal or plastic head. Look at your Dodge Caravan operator's manual to see if your key is a standard key that may be duplicated, or if it has an electronic anti-theft device inside. If the key isn't an anti-theft device, take your key to a locksmith to have a duplicate made. If you have an anti-theft secure key, proceed to the following steps.

Step 2

Gather together your driver's license and your Dodge Caravan registration, and write down your vehicle's VIN number on a piece of paper carefully. The VIN number is on a metallic-looking tab embedded near the dash, visible in the lower corner of the window on the driver's side.

Step 3

Take your documents and your key to your nearest Dodge service center and tell them you would like to order a second key for your vehicle, or that you need a new key if the original has been lost. Show copies of your driver's license and registration to prove you are the actual owner of the vehicle, as many service centers will require you to do this when requesting duplicate keys. Your service center can then use the VIN number of your Dodge Caravan to order you another key that will work for your vehicle.

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