How to Compare Tire Brands

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All tires are not created equal. Every brand has its own ratings for traction, tread life and temperature. Besides the required automotive ratings, there are special features that some tire brands have that others don't. Before buying a set of tires, do some research on the brands available and find out which brands are safest on the road.

Compare the treadwear of tire brands before you buy. The treadwear rating gives an estimate of how long a tire lasts and is found on the sidewall of the tire. Treadwear ratings of 400 or higher are durable tires.

Check on the traction score of different tire brands. Traction scores tell how well a tire stops on a wet surface. These are rated AA to C, with C being the lowest score. If you live in a wet area, compare tire brands rated AA or A for the safest tire.

Look at the temperature ratings of different tire brands. This tells how heat resistant a tire is. Temperature ratings are rated A to C, with C being the lowest.

Find out about the special features of different tire brands. Some tires may have reinforced sidewalls, a thicker ply material, or be designed with run flats which allows a certain amount of driving on a flat tire.

Investigate the reputation of the company that produces your desired tire brand. Some tire brands have good ratings, but the company might be recalling that brand for safety reasons.


  • check Manufacturers list ratings on the side of all tires.

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