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How to Compare Local Fuel Oil Prices

by Bradley James Bryant

Fuel oil is something residents in colder parts of the nations must buy in order to heat their homes, especially those in the Northeast corridor. As such, most are willing to pay whatever is needed to in order to get it, but there are some useful tools on the web that can help to compare local prices. All you have to know is the ZIP code of the location you're looking to compare prices in, and the tool will provide you with both a location and cost comparison so you know exactly where to find the cheapest oil.

Step 1

Determine the ZIP code for the area where you would like to compare oil prices. You will either need this or an address.

Step 2

Use an online cost comparison tool. These tools are usually driven and updated by the consumer who use them. Two popular tools are maintained by and (see References).

Compare pricing from the sites. Use several tools until you become more comfortable with the reliability of one over the other. Both sites referenced here will provide you with quotes as well as the contact information for the company that is giving the quote.


  • Quotes may not be available for some areas.

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