How to Find the Color Code on a G6

by Don Kress
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Automotive color codes are often put into mysterious places by manufacturers. As though in an attempt to disguise the car's color code, they'll hide the service parts identification sticker in the trunk, on a door jamb and sometimes under the dashboard. The Pontiac G6's service parts identification sticker is located in the glove box of your car.

Step 1

Open the glove box of the car. Pull out any paperwork or other items that may impede your vision of the service parts identifier sticker.

Step 2

Read the last line of the service parts identification sticker below the columns of three-character codes. On the Pontiac G6, all paint codes begin with the code "BC/CC" followed by a four-digit number. This means base coat/clear coat, and the number indicates the actual color. There is no secondary color code on these cars because Pontiac did not paint them two-tone.

Step 3

Write down the full color code of the vehicle prior to purchasing the touch-up paint.

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