Code Alarm CA 501 Installation Instructions

by Bryan Clark

The Code Alarm CA 501 is a remote keyless entry and remote start system. Your vehicle might already have keyless entry, but very few vehicles come with a remote start system. Both of these functions add convenience to your vehicle. However, anyone who obtains this remote control will be able to drive away with your vehicle. Be sure that you are comfortable with electrical wiring before you start this project.

Mount the Devices

Open your vehicle's hood and disconnect the negative battery terminal from the negative post.

Mount the control module in an open spot under your dashboard, within 24 inches of the ignition. Mount the module with the included screws.

Mount the hood pin switch under the hood and away from the water drain paths. Use the included brackets to mount it. It must be positioned to be depressed at least 1/4 inch when the hood is closed.


Connect both red +12V wires to the positive terminal of your vehicle's battery. Use the 30-amp fuse in the connection.

Connect the purple wire to the starter in your vehicle.

Connect the pink wire to the ignition 1 output of your vehicle.

Connect the pink/white wire to the ignition 2 output of your vehicle.

Connect the orange wire to the accessory wire from your ignition switch.

Connect the black wire to any metal grounding surface of your vehicle.

Connect the black/white wire to the neutral wire of your vehicle's shifter.

Connect the gray wire to the hood pin switch.

Connect the brown/red wire to the brake output light switch of your vehicle.

Connect the yellow/black wire to the ignition input of the alarm system.

Connect the white/red and white wires to a ground source and the vehicle's parking light wire, respectively.

Connect the blue wire to the ignition 3 output of your vehicle. Your vehicle might not need this wire connected, depending on your model.

Connect the purple/white wire to the tachometer sensor input of your vehicle.

Connect the green/black wire to the output of your factory theft deterrent system, if your vehicle has one.

Connect the green wire to the lock output on your vehicle's door lock control relays.

Connect the blue wire to the unlock output.

Connect the two-pin blue connectors together by snapping them into place once all the wiring has been done. Do the same for the three-pin antenna/receiver connector, the two-pin LED connector and the four-pin DBI connector.

Reconnect the negative terminal of your battery and close the hood.


  • Installation is vehicle-specific. The above details how to install the remote starter, but the steps could change depending on the vehicle in which you are installing the remote starter. Some vehicles require additional parts and steps.

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