How to Close a Car Hood

by Keith Dooley
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The car hood is commonly opened to access the engine. From changing oil to replacing filters, spark plugs, batteries and hoses, a variety of maintenance-related activities requires that the hood be opened for easy access. Car hoods are often held open with a metal prop rod that is attached to the frame of the vehicle. Closing the hood of a car is relatively simple, but it should be done properly to prevent potential damage to the hood.

Step 1

Remove any old parts, containers of fluid such as oil and coolant or tools used for repairs. Examine the engine compartment to make sure that any items not part of the engine compartment are removed.

Step 2

Securely attach filter covers, battery terminal covers, dip sticks and filler caps. Make sure all caps and covers are in place and tightly attached before closing the hood.

Step 3

Grasp the front edge of the hood with one hand. Place the other hand on the prop rod.

Step 4

Apply upward pressure with the hand that is on the hood so that it is raised slightly up and off the prop rod. Lower the prop rod and secure it to the plastic or metal retaining clip designed to hold it in place.

Step 5

Place both hands on the hook and lower it to a foot above the car body. Pull your hands out and away from the hood allowing it to drop down and latch securely closed. Wipe any grease from the edge of the hood with a rag.

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