How to Clone a Toyota Valet Key

by Hal Bartle

When you purchase a new Toyota, and in some cases a used Toyota, you will receive multiple keys. You will receive one or more "regular" keys, a "valet" key and, in some cases, a plastic key. The "valet" key is a key that only opens the door locks and starts the automobile. It does not open the car's trunk or its glove box, so it can be given to a valet to park your car without him going through your personal items. Many newer model Toyotas have special keys with transponders in them that interact with the car's computer and allow the car to start.

Locate a Toyota dealership in your area. You can use the dealership from which you bought the car or you can find any Toyota dealer nearby because they will also have the necessary equipment to clone your valet key.

Make an appointment to have your key cloned. While, in most cases, you do not have to make an appointment to have a valet key cloned, making the appointment will speed up the process and reduce your wait time.

Take your key to the dealer and have it cloned. After the key is cloned, pay for it.


  • check Older model Toyotas, usually from the mid-1990's or earlier, do not have the transponder and you can have the valet key cloned, or copied, by taking it to a hardware store, Walmart or Home Depot.

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