How to Clear Codes on a Ford

by Cayden Conor

A Ford’s computer sends a code when one or more of the sensors fail. The code turns on the check engine light on the dash, warning the driver there is something wrong with the vehicle. Depending on the sensor that is malfunctioning, the driver might notice there is something wrong, as the vehicle might not drive properly. Some sensors could go bad and the driver would never know it, except for the engine light.

Step 1

Plug the code scanner into the data port, which is located under the dash and just to the left of the steering column.

Step 2

Turn the key to the “On” position. Press the “Read” button on the scanner. The scanner will read the codes and flash them on its screen. Write the codes down.

Step 3

Match the codes with the code sheet that comes with the scanner. The codes are usually in the form of a letter plus four numbers. The code sheet translates the codes into something understandable.

Step 4

Repair the problem sensor or sensors. If the code scanner shows several codes that don’t seem to make sense – a coolant temperature sensor, when you know the vehicle is not overheating, a MAP sensor and the idle air sensor when the vehicle idles fine and doesn’t stall out, the computer could be suspect. If the computer is malfunctioning, the codes will not clear unless the computer is replaced.

Step 5

Plug the code scanner into the data port. Turn the ignition to the “On” position. Press the “Erase” button to clear the codes.

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