How to Clean My Plastic Headlight Lenses

by Russell Wood

Many vehicles on the road today use plastic in the manufacturing process, in particular on the headlights. But over time the headlight lenses can get some surface scratches, and their fine shine can start to be lost. To fix that, use a little plastic polish and cleaner to get your headlights clean and looking new again.

Pour a quarter-size dab of the plastic cleaner/polish on the foam applicator pad.

Rub the polish onto the headlight lens in a circular pattern, making sure to work around the headlight completely. If necessary, reapply the polish on the foam to get additional product on the lens.

Rub off the polish in a circular pattern with the microfiber towel, turning the towel frequently to get to a clean spot.

Repeat the previous steps if you feel the lens needs additional polishing.

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About the Author

Russell Wood is a writer and photographer who attended Arizona State University. He has been building custom cars and trucks since 1994, including several cover vehicles. In 2000 Wood started a career as a writer, and since then he has dedicated his business to writing and photographing cars and trucks, as well as helping people learn more about how vehicles work.