How to Clean Flat Black Rims

by Ashley Hay
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Whether you painted your vehicle's rims flat black yourself, or purchased them painted, you may wonder how to clean them. Since flat black rims are not finished the same way as chrome or alloy rims, they should not be cleaned the same way. Most chrome and alloy rims can be cleaned with those fancy rim cleaner sprays, but not a flat black painted rim. Cleaning your painted rims can be accomplished with a few household items.

Step 1

Spray your rims with a hose to loosen any dirt or brake dust.

Step 2

Mix a bucket of water with a few tablespoons of mild dishwashing liquid soap. Do not use chemicals on your rims. Most flat black paints are not finished the same as chrome or alloy rims and the chemicals will discolor and possibly remove the paint from the rim.

Step 3

Saturate a clean sponge or cloth with the mixture of soap and water. Do not use an abrasive pad or brush as this may chip the paint.

Step 4

Wash the rims gently. If this is the first wash since the rims were painted, you may notice a small amount of paint on your sponge--this is normal; you should not notice any missing paint on the rim.

Step 5

Rinse the rims off with water.

Dry your rims with a lint-free cloth. Allowing the rims to air dry may cause water spots.

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