How to Clean a 49cc Carburetor

by Tyson Simmons

Small carburetors can easily become sludged and begin to work improperly. So it is very important that when a carburetor begins to bog down, that it is properly cleaned. Using the correct tools, you can refrain from damaging the machinery and have the carburetor working like new in hardly any time at all.


Remove the carburetor from the machine and empty it of all fuel.

Use a screwdriver to remove the cover piece from the top or the side of the carburetor (depending on the kind of small carburetor). Set the cover piece on a clean rag.

Spray the carburetor assembly out with carburetor cleaner. Use plenty of the chemical, and don't be afraid to use the entire can. This will remove any sludge and metal chips from inside the assembly.

Attach a small concentrated tip to your air compressor, and use this end to blow out all the valves within the carburetor. Be careful with any valves blocked by regulators or other devices.

Reattach the cover piece to the carburetor. Make sure that all the screws are extremely tight.

Reattach the carburetor to the machine.


  • check Purchase plenty of carburetor cleaner.


  • close Always use caution when working with chemical products.

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