How to Clean Your Car's Headlight Covers

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Do you have dingy yellowed headlight lenses? Most cars, regardless of model or cost will have oxidation on the lenses over time. This will cut down on your ability to see well at night and it makes your car look older than it needs to. Here are some easy, inexpensive steps you can take to help prevent or remove this.

The first step you will need to take, is to gather all of your cleaning supplies. Make sure you have the following. A clean used or new soft toothbrush, a tube of regular white toothpaste ( gels or mixed pastes will not work.), a small amount of dish soap, a bucket of clean, hot water, a clean sponge and a soft dry clean cloth.

Next you will put the dish soap in the warm water together in the bucket. Using the sponge, thoroughly wash the lens. Use clean warm water to rinse, then dry completely with the cloth.

Next put a good sized blob of toothpaste on the toothbrush and use it to scrub the lens. Make sure you do not miss any spots. Rinse the lens completely with warm water. If you missed any areas redo the toothpaste step. After you have the lens well rinsed, dry it thoroughly with a clean soft cloth.


  • check If you do this about four times a year it will really help keep the light covers clean.
  • check If you lens need to be cleaned on the inside I personally would recommend taking it to a professional, since they are hard to remove and easy to break while doing so.
  • check Most of the discoloring will be on the outside because it is exposed.

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