How to Clean Car Windows

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Cleaning your car windows is an important step in car detailing. Dirty windows can be a safety hazard because they can cause glare and hazy vision. You'll have to strain to see and could get in a crash. Cleaning the windows is a tedious task, but one that's necessary. Follow these steps to clean car windows.

Choose your glass cleaner. Buy an alcohol, citric acid or mechanical cleaner. You can buy it at a big box store or auto parts store.

Know that ammonia-based glass cleaners are harmful to many car surfaces including leather, vinyl and rubber.

Avoid getting over-spray on your car's interior by spraying one side of a paper towel with the cleaner.

Start with the two main door windows. Roll them down slightly and clean the top of them. Then, roll the windows up and spray the rest of the surface with cleaner. Dry with a paper towel.

Pay close attention to the corners of your windows. This is where you'll find streaks and smears.

Clean the inside of the windshield while sitting in the passenger seat. If you sit in the drivers seat, the steering wheel will obstruct your work.

Use the backside of your hand to clean the inside of the rear window. Guide the towel across the window. Make sure you get into the corner.


  • close Don't knock into the rear-view mirror while cleaning the windshield. It's only glued on and can fall off.

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