How to Clean Car Interiors Naturally

by Nikki Cash

Surprisingly, common household items can be used to clean leather car upholstery to remove stains while conditioning it. There are a variety of cleaning methods because the varying types of leather react differently to each of the homemade cleaning recipes. If one method doesn't work, experiment with others until finding the right one. Cleaning cars naturally with household items saves money while protecting the car's upholstery from harsher cleaning chemicals.

How to Clean Leather Upholstery

Mix one part vinegar with two parts raw linseed oil. Use a lint-free white cloth to rub the mixture onto leather upholstery to clean and condition the fabric.

Mix one part rubbing alcohol with one part water and rub onto the leather upholstery with a lint-free cloth to remove any existing mold or mildew on the upholstery. Let it dry with ventilation rather than direct sunlight.

Rub toothpaste onto any stains and rub off with a lint-free cloth.

Apply non-acetone nail polish onto any ink stains and rub off with cloth to remove the stain.

Spray Aerosol hairspray directly onto more stubborn stains and wipe off. Spray several times if the stain persists.

How to Clean Carpet

Sprinkle some clove, cinnamon, and baking soda on the carpet. Let it sit for a five to 10 minutes.

Vacuum the carpet.

Mix 3 qts. of hot water with one cup vinegar and two tsp. of castile soap. Gently work the mixture into the stain with gloved hands.

Rinse by blotting the area with a dampened cloth. Then blot with a dry cloth and let it dry. Repeat if necessary.

How to Clean Cloth Upholstery

Rub butter onto the stain and leave it in the sun for two to three days. Wash off with warm soap and water. Let it dry.

Spray hairspray directly onto the stain. Wipe off with a dampened cloth. Let it dry.

Apply nail polish remover with a cotton ball onto the stain. Rinse with soap and water. Let it dry.

How to Clean Hard Surfaces

Mix one cup of olive oil with 1/2 cup of lemon juice. Pour the contents into a spray bottle.

Spray the mixture onto the dashboard or other hard surfaces. Wipe off with a clean rag.

Use another clean rag to finish drying off.

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