How to Get Gum Off Cloth Car Seats

by Caprice Castano
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Gum stuck on anything is a messy situation to deal with. Having it on your cloth car seat can not only ruin a car interior but stick to anyone who uses the seat from that point on. Removing the gum is necessary, but ruining the upholstery is not an option. Modern gum is a rubber-based product, so removal of the offensive glob is possible. Manual work gets most of the job done and the proper cleaner can do the rest.

Step 1

Apply ice to the gum until the material is hard and solid. Don't worry about any water melt that occurs it will not effect the removal or harm the cloth car seat upholstery.

Step 2

Scrape the hardened gum with the blunt scraper to remove it. As pieces come free reapply the ice to keep the gum hard. Continue scraping until as much gum is removed as possible. You should be able to get all the gum material from the surface this way and have only a stain or smear left to clean.

Step 3

Soak a tip of the sponge in vinegar and blot the remaining stain from the gum with the sponge tip. Soak up the vinegar with the paper towels and again use the scraper to remove any material or fibers left on the cloth car seat fabric. If nothing more than an oil spot or stain remains you can clean the cloth seat and complete the process. If gum material still remains use the vinegar again until no more gum comes free.

Dab or spray dry cleaning fluid or spotter onto the remaining stain. This product is available in the grocery store cleaning aisle or home improvement stores. Blot the stain to remove the fluid and dry. Use the fluid according to the instructions so as not to damage the cloth fabric of the seat.

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