The Recovery of a Water Damaged Leather Car Seat

by Geoffrey St. Marie
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Whether it came standard or as an extra perk, you want to protect the leather interior of your car or other motor vehicle. There are some procedures which can allay damage and staining caused by exposure to water.


Repairing leather car seats after water damage is important for several reasons. Besides aesthetics and re-sale value, the damage done can cause molding and create a foul odor that will permeate your car. The mold in particular can become an allergen that can irritate you or a family member.


If the water damage has left your leather dry or on the verge of cracking, you can apply some form of leather conditioning liquid to it as soon as possible. In the case of water stains, there are techniques where gradually applying moisture to the areas around the stain will reduce that stain's "demarcation." This is because water, even though it caused the damage, can also draw out the oils in the leather to erase the stain. You will want to apply conditioner directly after.


One prescribed method for cleaning or softening leather seats is to use water in conjunction with soap and/or alcohol. However, if you introduce too much water and do not properly dry the seat, this repair method could actually end up causing water damage.

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