How to Clean Your Automobile's Headliner like the Pros

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So you're riding in the car, putting some lipstick on. The driver hits a bump and your lipstick hits the headliner. Or the kids open a can of soda and it sprays all over the headliner. Cigarette smoke darkens the headliner. Believe it or not, you may be able to take care of all of these problems with a few simple steps. Read further to save a LOT of money on cleaning your own headliner!

Step 1

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First, with a clean DRY micro fiber towel, gently wipe the headliner with the grain of the material. Cigarette discolorations and many other darkening agents may come loose just by wiping the headliner! With a clean DRY white rag, wipe again to finish. It may be clean just with this simple process. If you now see stains, proceed to the next step.

Step 2

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Using your foaming cleaner and a dry towel, spray lightly then quickly wipe gently, transferring the stain from the headliner to the rag. Do this repeatedly until you see that the stain is gone, and the foam is bubbling white and no longer discolored.
This process works for smoke stains, coffee, soda, and other non-greasy, water based stains.

Step 3

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For oil-based/petroleum stains like crayon, ink and make-up, begin with a clean headliner, using step 1 if needed. Now, take a clean micro towel, or other lint-free rag; get it pretty wet with lacquer thinner then gently rub the stain and watch it break down. The stain will appear to spread outward, do not fear! You're breaking down and thinning the stain. Keep using a clean spot on the rag, wet with lacquer thinner and gently rubbing the stained area until the stain thins all the way out and finally disappears!

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