How to Clean a Car Gas Cap

by Carole Ellis

Car gas caps are just as susceptible to dirt and grease as anything else on a car. This can make it hard to insert and remove the cap, but perhaps the biggest hazard is the fact that a gunky or dirty gas cap can leave some of that residue behind, which can fall into the gas itself. If that happens often enough, you could go from merely having a dirty gas cap to a plugged gas filter or fuel pump. Replacing those items will cost far more money than simply keeping your gas cap clean.

Step 1

Unscrew the gas cap from your car's gas tank. Place it on a surface you don't mind getting dirty, like the driveway or some old newspapers.

Step 2

Spray the petroleum-based lube all over the screwing mechanism on the gas cap. Using your rag as if you were washing dishes, wipe off all of the lube, in a scrubbing motion. This lube makes a great cleaner and will dissolve any grease or gunk on the gas cap. Wipe it off clean, and if there are any spots left over that still look dirty, spray them again with the petroleum-based lube and wipe it off.

Step 3

Cover the cap completely with a silicone-based spray. Petroleum-based lube will eventually degrade the plastic if they are not removed. Covering the cap with a silicon spray lube will protect it from wear and tear.

Step 4

Reinsert the gas cap. Make sure it screws in and out easily.

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