How to Choose the Oil and Fluids for a Pontiac Grand Am

by Editorial Team

The compact Pontiac Grand Am shares many mechanical characteristics with its big brother, the Grand Prix. The recommended fluids for both vehicles are practically identical. These steps apply to the 1985 to 2005 model years of the Pontiac Grand Am.

Step 1

Run GM Goodwrench or an equivalent engine oil of viscosity 5W30 in your Pontiac Grand Am. A 10W30 oil is acceptable if temperatures won't fall below 0 degrees Fahrenheit before your next oil change.

Step 2

Use Delco Supreme 11 Brake Fluid or an equivalent DOT 3 brake fluid in your Pontiac Grand Am.

Step 3

Maintain your hydraulic clutch system with Hydraulic Clutch Fluid, GM part number 12345347, or an equivalent DOT 3 brake fluid. You may use the same brake fluid from Step 2. The manual transaxle requires Synchromesh Transmission Fluid, GM part number 12345349.

Step 4

Drain and flush your automatic transmission regularly, using DEXRON-III automatic transmission fluid.

Step 5

Top off your power steering reservoir as necessary with GM Power Steering Fluid, part number 1052884 or 1050017 for a pint or a quart, respectively.

Step 6

Mix one part GM Goodwrench DEX-COOL or Havoline DEX-COOL coolant with one part clean, distilled water to fill your vehicle's coolant system. Other engine coolants may contribute to premature corrosion of engine components.

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