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How to Choose the Oil and Fluids for a Chrysler Sebring

by Contributor

The name "Chrysler Sebring" represents three entirely different Chrysler vehicles: a coupe, a sedan and a convertible. These steps are specific to all model years of the Chrysler Sebring sedan, but you can apply them to most Chrysler passenger vehicles.

Step 1

Use 5W-30 viscosity oil in your Chrysler Sebring, if possible. If you can't find 5W-30, 10W-30 is acceptable if temperatures won't fall below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless of the viscosity, the oil must be API certified GF-3 engine oil, and meet Daimler Chrysler's Material Standard MS-6395. The owner's manual recommends Mopar.

Step 2

Buy windshield washer fluid with a windshield antifreeze (not radiator antifreeze) component rated not to freeze at -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Take care when handling this fluid because, even though it appears innocuous, most commercially available windshield washer solvents are flammable, and might ignite and burn you.

Step 3

Maintain your engine's antifreeze protection by using a solution of 50 percent ethylene glycol antifreeze coolant in distilled water. Mopar antifreeze/coolant with Hybrid Organic Additive Technology is the preferred solution. If temperatures might fall below -32 degrees Fahrenheit, you may use up to 60 percent antifreeze coolant in the solution.

Step 4

Keep your brakes working right with Mopar DOT-3 motor vehicle brake fluid. If you substitute an equivalent DOT-3 fluid, it must meet the DOT FMVSS specification.

Step 5

Refill your automatic or manual transmission alike with Mopar ATF+4 automatic transmission fluid. You can use the same fluid in your power steering reservoir.

Lubricate your steering gear and linkage, ball joints, prop shafts and yokes, and wheel bearings with Mopar multi-purpose lubricant, NLGI grade 2.


  • If you use ethanol--E-85--fuel in your Chrysler Sebring at all, whether full or part-time, you must use only Mopar Flexible Fuel 5W-30 engine oil. Equivalents that are labelled FFV for Flexible Fuel or AFV for Alternate Fuel and meet manufacturer's standard MS-9214 are also acceptable.

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