Chevy Headrest Removal

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The headrests on Chevy and other General Motors vehicles are attached to the back of the seat with a small internal clip. To remove the headrest from the seat, you simply need to disengage the clip with a small tool.

Removing the Headrest

Open the car door closest to the seat with the headrest you want to remove. Push the adjustment button to raise the headrest to the highest position. Examine the inboard headrest post. On the base of this post, you'll see a small hole. Insert a safety pin or straightened paper clip into the hole. Push firmly and as you do, pull up on the headrest to remove it.

Reinstalling the Headrest

Position the headrest posts on top of the mounting area. Be sure the headrest is oriented in the correct direction. Firmly push the headrest down to insert in into the seat. It's not necessary to engage the clip when reinstalling the headrest.

Safety Concerns

It's acceptable to remove the headrest for cleaning, maintenance or repair; however, you should not drive your Chevy without the headrest. In addition to making your seat more comfortable, the headrest provides head and neck protection in the event of an accident.

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