How to Check the Transmission Fluid on a 2006 HHR

by Owen Pearson
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With most cars, checking the transmission fluid level is as simple as pulling out the dipstick when the car is parked and running. Checking the transmission fluid in a 2006 Chevrolet HHR is not nearly as simple. This vehicle model features a sealed transmission, so there is no dipstick accessible from under the hood. If you suspect a problem, you can still check the transmission fluid, but not unless you have a hydraulic lift or a friend who works for an oil change shop.

Step 1

Drive your HHR for about 15 minutes before checking the transmission fluid. You will not get an accurate result if you try to check the transmission when the engine is cold.

Step 2

Pull the vehicle into an oil-change bay or pick it up with a hydraulic lift. If you use a lift, make sure the platform is positioned solidly under the frame of the car.

Step 3

Climb into the oil change bay or under the HHR. Find the transmission at the front of the vehicle. Find the plug that reads "Check." (There is a plug beside it that reads "Drain." Do not remove this plug.) Place an oil change pan under the plug. Use an adjustable wrench to remove the "Check" plug.

Step 4

Watch the transmission fluid flow from the "Check" plug opening. If no fluid comes out, the transmission fluid level is low. If there is a steady stream, the transmission is too full. You should have a steady drip of transmission fluid coming from the hole. Replace the plug.

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