How to Replace Spark Plugs in a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

by Tara Kimball
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You should change the spark plugs in your 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan every 30,000 miles, or when you suspect that the plugs may be damaged. You can replace the plug wires at the same time, or if they are new or in good condition, keep them in place. Purchase the proper plugs for your Grand Caravan from an auto parts retailer. Ask at a parts counter if you are unsure of the best plugs for your van. Pre-gapped plugs are available from most retailers, but you should still confirm the gap during installation.

Step 1

Raise the hood of your Grand Caravan. Select a spark plug to start with. The plugs will be located beneath the spark plug wires, which are visible from the top of the engine.

Step 2

Twist the rubber boot on the spark plug wire while pulling up to remove it from the plug. Remove the spark plug from your Grand Caravan’s engine with a spark plug socket and ratchet.

Step 3

Check the gap on the new plug using a spark plug gapping tool. Slide the gapping tool into the space between the metal piece on the top of the plug and the electrode. The gapping tool should read 50-thousandths. If the gap is too large, push the top of the plug against a hard surface. Use the gapping tool to bend the top of the plug slightly to widen the gap if it is too small.

Step 4

Insert the plug by hand to avoid cross threading. Tighten the plug with a spark plug socket and ratchet. Squeeze a drop of dielectric grease into the Grand Caravan’s spark plug wire boot. Push the boot onto the plug until it clicks.

Step 5

Repeat the process, one plug at a time, until you replace all of the plugs. Close the hood of your Grand Caravan.

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