How to Check Shock Absorbers or Macpherson Struts in a Geo Metro

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If your Geo Metro seems to be bouncing down the road a little more than before, it's time to check out the shocks and struts to make sure that everything is working properly. Your Geo uses a Macpherson strut assembly which uses a telescopic coil spring that sits under a damper, which is your shock absorber and vital to your suspension system.

Road test your Geo Metro. If you can feel an extra few bounces after you go over a speed bump, or notice that one end or one side of the car is pitching down or up, or if it's hard to steer when you hit a bump, your shocks and struts are the likely culprit.

Give your Metro a good bounce to test the shocks and struts. Grab the front fender and shake your car up and down vigorously a few times and then let it go.

Watch what happens. If your Geo bounces one or two more times, then the shocks and struts are in good shape. If keeps bouncing after that, then you need to have a mechanic check your Macpherson strut assembly more closely to assess the condition of the shocks and struts.

Check the condition yourself for a clearer picture of what's wrong. Jack up your car using jacks and axle stands to safely support the chassis and keep the wheels hanging free.

Remove the wheel assembly with a socket wrench or an air ratchet and set aside. Look for the suspension arm, coil spring and damper behind and above the hub.

Inspect the suspension assembly for dents, rust, corrosion, and pitted areas. If you notice any oil of fluid leaking from the shock absorber, this is a red flag that the shocks need to be replaced. If the mounting bolts or any aspect of the strut assembly has give to it when you push or pull on it, take your Geo to the mechanic and have the assembly replaced.

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