How to Check the Fuel Pressure in a Toyota Truck

by Russell Wood

The fuel-injection system in a Toyota truck requires a specific fuel pressure at all times or else the engine will not run correctly. If your Toyota's idle is dropping or you think you have a fuel-pressure issue, the fuel-pressure regulator or fuel pump could be to blame. To find out if it is a fuel-pressure problem, check the pressure to find out if it matches specifications.

Step 1

Locate the fuel supply line on the passenger side of the engine compartment. Remove the quick disconnect fitting on the supply line by hand.

Step 2

Insert the t-fitting from the fuel-pressure testing kit into the fuel-supply line on one side, and the fuel-injection rail on the other. Connect the bottom of the t fitting to the fuel-pressure gauge.

Step 3

Start the Toyota. Let the truck run and idle normally. Read the number on the gauge. If it reads between 40.8 and 41.7 psi, then your fuel pressure is correct. If it doesn't, then the fuel pressure regulator or fuel pump may be defective, and you need to do further testing to find out.

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