How to Check My Ford Warranty

by Alex Zang
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You're provided with a bumper-to-bumper warranty when you purchase a Ford vehicle. The warranty is one of the most comprehensive you can get and will cover almost anything. Some notable things excluded include rust, tires, and brake pads. Any damage from a car accident also is not covered. If you don't have a copy of your warranty, contact a Ford dealer to get one.

Step 1

Go to the Ford website located in the resource section. You can use the website to locate a dealer near to assist with a warranty.

Step 2

Type your zip code into the box on the upper-left hand side. You also should enter your city and state.

Step 3

Click "Search." The website will now look for dealers close to you.

Step 4

Call the nearby Ford dealership. Give them your car's VIN, make and model. They will tell you any relevant warranty information.

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