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How to Check a Florida Vehicle VIN

by Diana Prince

Every vehicle manufactured receives a Vehicle Identification Number -- or VIN -- which classifies the vehicle and allows the Department of Motor Vehicles to keep track of all details regarding that vehicle. With a Florida VIN number, you can perform a search and produce a vehicle history report. You may want to obtain a report if you plan to sell a vehicle. If you plan to purchase a vehicle and want to be aware of any reported accidents or major mechanical problems in the vehicle's past, the VIN can help you obtain that information. You can check a Florida vehicle's VIN number online; a few different websites offer these services.

Visit the CARFAX website. As one of the leading online providers of Vehicle History Reports, they offer detailed information and updated reports. You simply enter the VIN number of the Florida vehicle you wish to check in the appropriate box and can purchase a single report for a price of $34.99, in 2010. Information offered includes ownership history, odometer history, any reports of water damage or fire damage, and more.

Visit the AutoCheck website. As another leading provider of vehicle information services, AutoCheck offers single vehicle history reports for $29.99. Their reports offer important facts on the vehicle regarding any reported accidents, salvaging or rebuilding of the vehicle, frame damage, reported theft, and other problems.

Visit the Edmunds website. Although the Edmunds site offers less detailed information on vehicles as the others, you can still learn basic details and find answers to questions regarding the Florida vehicle, and there are no fees charged.

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