How to Check Chrysler Sebring Codes

by Alibaster Smith
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The codes generated by your Chrysler Sebring's on-board diagnostic computer are stored in the computer until you retrieve them. The codes are generated whenever there is regular maintenance required on your vehicle. Before fixing anything, you should check the codes that are generated using an OBD (on-board diagnostic) scan tool.

Step 1

Open the fuse panel cover on your Sebring by pulling down on the fuse panel cover. Newer model Sebrings have a knob on the fuse panel cover that you need to turn counterclockwise 45 degrees to pull down on the fuse panel.

Step 2

Plug the electrical connector from the OBD scan tool into the fuse panel port made for the tool. There is only one port large enough to accommodate the plug.

Step 3

Turn the ignition key to the "II" position.

Step 4

Read the codes generated by the Chrysler's on-board diagnostic computer.

Step 5

Refer to your Sebring's service manual for the specific code that is displayed on your OBD scan tool. The code displayed on your OBD tool will correspond with a code listed in the technical service manual. The manual will translate the code for you and tell you what needs service.

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