How to Change the Rear Wiper Blade on a Toyota Sienna

by Russell Wood
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The windshield wipers on your vehicle are designed to clean rain and dirt off of the windshield, allowing you to see. On the Toyota Sienna, there is also a rear wiper, which helps clean the dirt that accumulates on the back window in the same manner that the front wipers do. Replacing the rear wiper blade doesn't need to be done as frequently as the front blades; but if you need to do it, you can in about 30 minutes.

Step 1

Pop the cover off of the base of the wiper arm on the rear hatch of the Sienna. Pull back the blade of the wiper arm so that the arm sticks out at almost a 90-degree angle to the hatch.

Step 2

Look at the end of the wiper arm, where the blade meets the arm. There is a small plastic tab on the inside of the blade. Push this down using the flat head screwdriver and then pull the blade off of the arm.

Step 3

Slide the replacement blade onto the arm in the same orientation as the original blade. Once it clicks in place, return the arm to the straight position then click the cover back into place.

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