How to Change the Speedometer on a Custom Road King

by Jill Davis

Many Harley-Davidson owners want to fix their own bikes if they have problems. With the help of owner's manual, many repairs can be accomplished without a mechanic. If your speedometer has stopped working, or you are upgrading to a newer model, changing it is a straightforward procedure if you have the right tools and know what to expect. Always check with a mechanic if you run into any problems, or there is something you don't understand.

Remove the Speedometer

Remove the negative battery cable from the battery. Failure to do so could cause serious injury.

Locate the instrument console and remove the acorn nut.

Remove the bolt and the flat washer. This will free the rear of the fuel tank from the frame backbone.

Cover the forward of the rear fender with a dry, clean towel.

Raise the instrument console. Locate the flexible clamp on the canopy and bend it back to release the main harness conduit.

Disconnect the fuel level sender/fuel pump connector at the top of the canopy.

Place the instrument console gently on top of the clean towel, upside-down.

Remove the speedometer connector at the back of the speedometer.

Carefully lift the three latches on the interior of the lock ring upward. This will release the lock ring from the back of the speedometer.

Invert the console and dislodge the speedometer from the top.

Take the gasket out of the console speedometer bore.

Installation of New Speedometer

Find the groove in the rubber speedometer gasket and lubricate it with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Insert the gasket into the correct position around the console speedometer bore.

Feed the speedometer into the gasket from the top side of the console. Lubricate the gasket, if needed. Make sure the speedometer fits against the gasket tightly, with no drift.

Turn the console over. Put the lock ring over the back of the speedometer, making sure to align the two slots with the console bosses. Push on the latches until they snap into position.

Install the connector at the back of the speedometer.

Slide the head of the console mounting bolt into the slot at the top of the canopy.

With the instrument console moved toward the installed position, connect the fuel level sender/fuel pump connector at the top of the canopy. Bend the flexible clamp to capture the main harness conduit.

Line up the hole in the instrument console with the mounting bolt and place in into the correct location on the fuel tank.

Screw the acorn nut back into position and tighten it. Replace the bolt and the flat washer to secure the rear of the fuel tank and the instrument console bracket to the backbone of the frame. Tighten the bolt.

Reconnect the negative battery cable.

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