How to Change Side Marker Light on an S550

by Gregory Crews

The side marker lights on a Mercedes S550 provide illumination on the side of the car. This is a safety feature that helps make your vehicle more visible at night so other drivers can see the lights and know that your car is next to them. You need to replace the light bulb in a side marker when it burns out. You can buy the bulb at a local automotive parts store.

Locate the front wheel fender lining behind the wheel. There will be a series of plastic push pins to pull out of the fender well. Pliers may be necessary to help pull the pins out.

Peel the lining out of the way. This will make room for your hand to reach through to the fender.

Locate the back of the marker light. Twist the socket counterclockwise and pull it out of the assembly.

Pull the light out of the socket and replace it with the new light. Push the light in until it locks in place.

Twist the socket clockwise until it locks in place. Pin the lining back into the wheel well. The pins will lock the liner to the wheel well.


  • check The part number for the marker light is 2825.


  • close Make sure the transmission is in "Park" and the emergency brake is set before working around the front wheel.

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