How to Change Ownership With a POA at the DMV in Roanoke, VA

by Bobbye Alley
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A power of attorney (POA) allows one person to act on behalf of another person. It is commonly used in cases where someone is sick or does not have the ability to make decisions, but it can also be done for convenience, for example, if someone travels a lot and wants to give another person the power to pay bills and handle finances.. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, including the DMV office in Roanoke, allows a person with power of attorney to transfer ownership of a vehicle on behalf of someone else. The transfer is much like the normal sale of a vehicle, but proof of POA is required.

Step 1

Record change of ownership information on the car title. The buying and selling parties must note the vehicle odometer reading in the assignment section of the title, and each party must sign and fill in names and addresses on the title. The DMV recommends, but does not require, that the signatures be notarized. The amount of sale or "charitable gift" should also be recorded on the title.

Step 2

Fill out the DMV Power of Attorney Form (VSA 70) and submit it to the DMV clerk with the car title. The clerk may ask for proof of power of attorney and make a copy of signed and notarized power of attorney documentation.

Step 3

Pay the titling fee. The person taking possession of the vehicle must pay a fee to title the vehicle. The DMV will accept cash, check, money order, debit card or credit card. A title will be mailed to the new car owner.

Step 4

Return old license plates. The plates on the car that changed ownership need to be given back to the DMV. The DMV may refund part of the registration fee if there is six or more months left on the registration at the time of sale. Submit an Application for Vehicle Registration Refund Form (FMS 210) to the clerk for a refund.

Step 5

Call the insurance company. The buying party must have insurance on the vehicle and the selling party should cancel the car's policy.

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