How to Change the Plugs on a Ford E350

by Gregory Crews
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Replacing the spark plugs on your Ford E-350 is an important task to ensure your vehicle runs smooth and at optimum fuel efficiency. The spark plug is the working end of the ignition system. The distributor sends high voltage to the spark plug, which in turns makes a spark. The spark mixes with the fuel and the oxygen is what makes the pistons move. They are done in a specific order to ensure the motor runs smoothly and without hesitation. When the van starts running rough, it will be time to investigate your spark plugs for corrosion.

Step 1

Open the hood to access the engine compartment. The spark plugs are located along the sides of the motor. They will have a wire running to each of them.

Step 2

Pull the wire off the plug. Grasp the wire by the bottom of it and pull toward you.

Step 3

Loosen the spark plug with the socket wrench. Ensure you have a 5/8th size spark plug socket with which to remove the plugs.

Step 4

Place the new spark plug in the socket with the threaded end pointing out. Start the spark plug to the empty cylinder. Tighten the spark plug till it is snug.

Step 5

Push the spark plug wire back on to the plug. Push till it makes a clicking sound.

Step 6

Repeat this step on the remaining cylinders. Depending on the motor you will have to replace 8 to 12 spark plugs.

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