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How to Change Oil in an Ironhead Sportster

by braniac

Ironhead sportsters need to be properly maintained and heave there oil changed regularly, this article will explain how to change the oil in an ironhead sportster.

Step 1

Start your ironhead sportster and let it warm up to its normal operating temperature.

Step 2

Next you want to remove the cap on the oil tank, then remove the drain plug on the bottom of the oil tank and drain it . On ironhead sportsters there is no need to remove the drain plug on the bottom of the engine, they are known to strip and are better left alone.

Step 3

Now replace the drain plug on the oil tank and fill with a quality 50 weight oil until it reads on the dipstick. Replace the cap and take your ironhead sportster for a ride !

Ironhead sportsters did not come with oil filters but there are plenty of aftermarket inline filters available, i would suggest getting one to ensure no debris get into your oil.


  • Be sure to check the drain plug after you ride to be sure it hasn't come loose, old ironhead sportsters are famous for vibrating themselves apart.


  • Be sure to dispose of used oil properly.

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