Polaris Sportsman 500 Oil Changing Instructions

by Chris Gilliland
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With the extreme demands placed on a Polaris Sportsman 500 All-Terrain Vehicle, regular maintenance becomes a critical factor in its continued operation. One of the maintenance routines required by the machine is the replacement of the oil that lubricates the moving components within the engine. Polaris recommends an oil change every ten hours of continuous operation, but this maintenance task may be performed at shorter intervals.

Step 1

Park the ATV on a smooth, level work space and lock the parking brake. Start the motor and let it idle for 2 to 3 minutes. This will warm the oil, allowing it to flow and drain quicker. Stop the motor and turn off the ignition switch.

Step 2

Place an oil pan directly beneath the oil tank's drain plug bolt. Remove the drain plug bolt with a socket wrench and allow the oil to drain completely from the oil tank. During this time, remove the washer from the drain plug bolt and replace it with a new washer. Reinstall the drain plug bolt into the oil tank and tighten it with a socket wrench.

Step 3

Pull the oil line off the fitting on the bottom of the oil tank. Unscrew the fitting and remove it from the oil tank. Using compressed air, clear the fitting's internal oil screen. Apply a drop of medium strength thread-locking adhesive onto the fittings threads and screw in onto the oil tank, turning the fitting 2 1/2 turns. Continue to screw the fitting in until its nipple is aligned with the mark on the oil tank. Reconnect the oil line to the fitting.

Step 4

Reposition the oil pan directly below the drain plug bolt, on the bottom of the motor's oil sump. Remove the drain plug bolt with a socket wrench and allow the oil to drain completely from the motor. Remove and replace the washer on the drain plug bolt. Reinstall the drain plug bolt onto the motor's oil sump and tighten it with a socket wrench.

Step 5

Reposition the oil pan directly below the oil filter. Using an oil filter or wrench, twist the oil filter counter-clockwise to loosen it from the motor. Unscrew the oil filter completely and allow any remaining oil to drain. Discard the oil filter.

Step 6

Spread a thin layer of oil around the gasket of the new oil filter. Screw the oil filter into place by hand until it is seated against the motor. Tighten the oil filter an additional 1/4 turn.

Step 7

Remove the dipstick from the oil tank's filler neck. Place a funnel into the filler neck and slowly pour up to 2 quarts of oil into the oil tank. Remove the funnel and reinsert the dipstick.

Step 8

Locate the oil tank's vent line at the front of the oil tank. Squeeze the vent line with your fingers to clamp it shut. Start the ATV's motor and let it run for 30 seconds. Stop the motor and listen as you release the vent line. Air should rush out of the vent line as you release it, indicating that the oil pump is primed and ready. If this sound does not occur, repeat this step until the oil pump is primed.

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