How to Change the Oil for a BMW 323i

by Taylor DiVico
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Changing the oil on your BMW 323i maintains the engine performance and longevity of your vehicle by keeping the moving engine parts lubricated. BMW 10W-40 is a synthetic oil that is more heat-tolerant than petroleum-based oils, offering a higher flash point at which the oil begins to break down. Conducting oil changes on your BMW 323i engine with high-quality synthetic oil provides an interim of approximately 3,500 to 4,000 miles before your next oil change is necessary.

Step 1

Visit the parts department at a BMW dealership. Tell the salesperson that you need an oil filter kit and synthetic engine oil for a BMW 323i. Purchase the oil filter kit and BMW 10W-40 oil made for your vehicle model.

Step 2

Insert your keys into the ignition to start your car. Keep your car in park and let your BMW 323i idle for 15 minutes to warm the oil. Set up car ramps in front of each front tire in a dry location such as a garage or carport so that your BMW is protected from the weather during the oil change.

Step 3

Get in your car and shift into drive mode. Drive your front tires onto the car ramps so that the front end of your car is elevated. Pull up on the emergency brake to stabilize your car from moving. Turn the car off.

Step 4

Locate the oil filter housing on the very front top of the engine. Loosen the oil filter cover with the 36 mm socket wrench. Pull up on the cover to remove the cover and the attached old oil filter.

Step 5

Slide the old oil filter off the cover. Discard the old oil filter. Slide the new oil filter onto the cover. Tighten the cover back onto the oil filter housing using your 36 mm socket wrench.

Step 6

Hold your 17 mm socket wrench and position yourself underneath the front of your BMW. Locate a small six-sided nut located towards the center of the engine.

Step 7

Place your oil pan on the ground underneath the drain plug of your BMW 323i. Remove the plug with your 17 mm socket wrench so that the oil drains into the pan. Replace the plug once all the oil has drained from the vehicle. Replace the drain plug to its original position.

Step 8

Come out from underneath the car. Stand over the engine of your vehicle. Open the oil cap located in the center of the engine. Pour 7 quarts of BMW synthetic engine oil into the oil hole. Close the oil cap.

Close the hood. Turn your BMW 323i on. Put your car in reverse to back your car off the car ramps. Put your car in park and let it idle for five minutes to distribute the oil throughout the engine. Shut your BMW off.

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