How to Change the Back Light in a Honda Rancher ATV

by Robert Good

The back light on a Honda Rancher is the rear brake light and the mounting bolts are on the rear of the housing. The red lens is secured to the housing by the bolts. Inside the housing is a socket that two light bulbs plug into. You need one basic tool to replace both light bulbs and this will take you less then five minutes. The light bulbs are standard bulbs and can be bought a any auto parts store.

Drive the Honda Rancher onto level ground and turn the engine off. Remove the key to ensure that the battery is not powering the light.

Get on one knee in front of the rear brake light and look behind the light housing. Remove the two bolts from the light housing using a box wrench.

Pull the bolts, washers and rubber seals from the rear of the light housing. Set them aside in a place where you won't lose them.

Pull the red lens off the light housing and set it aside with the mounting bolts. Pull the light bulbs from the socket. Insert the new bulbs into the socket.

Place the lens onto the housing. Place the washers then the rubber seal onto the bolts and insert them into the mounting holes. Tighten them until snug.

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