How to Change a License Plate Light on a Sebring

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Chrysler Sebring's rear license plate is illuminated, as required by most state law's. The light uses a small bulb, which is available at most department and automotive parts stores. The Chrysler Sebring's license plate light is accessible from the car's exterior, which means the trunk panels don't need to be removed to replace the light. The Sebring was discontinued after the 2010 model year.

Step 1

Turn off the Sebring's engine, then move to the car's rear to access the license plate light.

Step 2

Remove the two screws from the light lens, and then pry the lens out. Turn it over; you'll see the bulb.

Step 3

Pull the bulb from its socket and discard it. Push the new one into the socket to install it.

Step 4

Place the license light lens back in its mount. Hold it in place, then insert and tighten the two screws.

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