How to Change Overhead Lamps on a Ford F-150 Truck

by Alibaster Smith

The overhead lamps on a Ford F-150 truck let you see inside the cabin at night. Mostly, these overhead lights are for reading purposes. Occasionally, these bulbs will burn out. When that happens, you must get replacement bulbs, which you can find at any auto parts store. If this is your first time replacing the overhead lights, you should expect to spend five minutes doing this job.

Grab the overhead assembly on your F-150 truck on either side with your hands.

Pull down on the assembly. It is held in place with only a few retaining clips. The assembly will come right off when you pull.

Turn the bulbs counterclockwise by hand, and remove them from the backside of the overhead assembly.

Insert the new bulbs, and turn them clockwise to lock them into the assembly.

Push the overhead assembly back into place until it locks to the headliner.


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