How to Change the Interior Light in a Ford F-150

by Daniel Valladares

The interior light on your Ford F-150 helps illuminate the inside of your vehicle whenever you need increased visibility. Located in the upper console, the interior light does occasionally burn out due to wear and tear. Thankfully, it can be replaced easily with a 578/912 replacement bulb. Avoid touching the bulb with your bare hands, as it may damage the bulb. The entire process takes no more than five minutes.

Turn off the F-150 and make sure the lights are off.

Insert the flat-head screwdriver into the upper console's cover and pry it downward to remove it from the vehicle.

Pull the old bulb out of the cover and replace it with a new bulb. Use a clean cloth to install the new bulb to avoid damaging it.

Snap the upper cover back into place.


  • check For increased visibility in your vehicle, consider replacing your interior lights with LED lights.
  • check Depending on the year of your truck, the bulb used for the interior light may differ. Check your owner's manual if unsure of which bulb to use. F-150s produced after 1991 use 912 bulbs. F-150s produced before that year use 512 bulbs.

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